What You Can Do

There are many things that you can do in collaboration with Junkiri Nepal to support poor Nepalese children from rural communities. If you would wish to play a role in making positive 
impact then come join our Junkiri Nepal’s volunteering campaigns, fundraising campaigns or make a generous donation to carry on our social work. Here are the following lists of things that 
you can do:
Volunteering: Junkiri Nepal is a Nepal based NGO that welcomes volunteers from all corner of the world and take part in our volunteering activities. 
Fundraising Campaigns: You can also generate creative ideas and take part in Junkiri Nepal’s fundraising campaigns.
Make a Donation: Your generous donations help us stand up and run our social work for poor Nepalese children. Therefore we have come up with an idea of ‘one month one dollar’ policy. To 
make a donation you can transfer funds through bank wire, cheque or from money transfer agents. Contact us for more information on making a donation.

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